The Master and His Concern

In India, the holy land of wisdom and knowledge, rishis are the authorities of civilization and culture. Their lineages are the unbroken bearers of precious teachings and practices.Among them, Maharshi Agasthya was the premier and most outstanding. His followers belong to the Siddha tradition and are the most enlightened in tantra, yoga, medicine, astrology,martial arts, philosophy and the versatile occultic sciences. Swaminatha Mahadevshakthi is a Srividya upasak who belongs to this unique lineage. From one of the greatest authorities of Siddha Raja Tantra, he has been initiated in Srividya, Shivraja Yoga, Marma Sutra, Tantric Astrology and Spiritual Healing.From his early teenage years, he started spiritual practices and became a master in Tantric Astrology, Tantra, Spiritual Healing and Marma Therapy. Along with his disciples, he conducts charitable spiritual healing sessions for poor patients. He can diagnose any diseases or difficulties through the miraculous analysis of tantric astrology, in a very microscopic level and rectify them with tantric remedies and spiritual healing. This yogi is keen on spreading the spiritual philosophy and scientific heritage of ancient india through it’s systematic interpretation and practices. A good orator and a gifted writter as well. Now his busy schedules includes research on Holistic Marma Therapy,Shivraja Yoga Pranayama,Tantra Therapy, Tantra Yoga Namaskara and Prosperous Altitude.

Bharga Mitraa is an abode of spiritual practices and teachings with an extreme scientific base. Anybody, suffering from an ailment or crisis has the right access to this concern. It functions to reveal the mercy of great rishis to all, in the form of consolation.

Be graced, healed and rejuvenated. Our hearty welcome to experience the exclusive.